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Frottage Tip
Frottage stems from the French frotter, which means "to rub". This finish looks best applied in rich dark colors over a lighter base coat.

Tools and Supplies you will
need for this Project
Oil semi-gloss paint,
1- light one for the base and
1-a darker shade for the glaze
Oil-based glazing liquid
Roller and paint tray
3" brush
Paint thinner
Roll or sheets of craft paper

Glaze Recipe
2 parts oil paint
2 parts oil-based glazing liquid
1 part paint thinner, 1 part Kerosine

Step By Step Instructions
Apply two coats of the base color and let dry 2 to 3
hours for water base, overnight for oil. (Oil or water-based can be used)

2. Mix the colored glaze, and apply it to the wall in sections the size of the craft paper, if your using plastic sheeting you can actually to a whole wall at a time.

3. Immediately lay a sheet of craft paper over the wet glaze, and smooth it out with your hands. Then remove the paper. The sheets of craft paper can be reused several times but be careful they don't get to saturated or you will start getting different effects, because it has a tendentic to
remove more glaze when you start. That's what is nice about the plastic.
4. Roll more colored glaze onto the next section, overlapping the glaze onto the edges of the previously glazed area, and repeat step 3.

5. Without stopping, repeat steps 3 and 4 until 100% of the wall is covered. If your using plastic you can get the cheap .04 mill stuff get a helper and cover the whole wall at once and work it.

6. Optional: Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of semi-gloss clear coat to add to the richness of this effect.

Frottage sample