Specification of Gold Leaf in Packs

The standard size of all leaf in packs, unless otherwise indicated, is 3% by 3% inches. It is packed loose between roughed tissue in books containing 25 leaves, the smallest unit. The standard unit, a "pack" contains 20 books of 25 leaves each, a total of 500 leaves. Allowing for normal laps and waste, a book (25 leaves) will cover approximately 1'/2 sq. ft.; a pack (20 books) will cover approximately 30 sq. Ft.

Specifications of Gold Leaf in Rolls

Gold Leaf in rolls, sometimes called ribbon gold or roll gold, is 22 or 23 Karat XX Gold Leaf slightly adhered to tissue rolls from which it releases to the size on slight pressure. Standard rolls are 1/8 to 4 inches wide, 69 feet long. Each inch of width of leaf in rolls will cover about 5 1/2 sq. Ft.

How to Select the Proper Gold Leaf

23 Karat XX Gold Leal in Packs - 23 Karat XX Gold Leaf, sometimes called XX, Deep, Surface, Loose, or Board Gold is even purer than 23 Karat. Its rich, true gold appearance is not found in imitations and will not tarnish even on exterior applications. For package size and coverage, see "Specifications".

Recommended uses:

For all exterior surface applications and painted surface such as raised letters, flat signs, picture frames, statuary, domes, truck bodies, etc.

Gold and Metallic Leaf Specification Sheet

Preparation and Application:

Undercoating; a smooth non porous surface, such as burnish sealer. Do not use a protective coating over 23K Gold Leaf unless the surface is to be subjected to abrasion or hard rubbing. Wherever time permits use a slow drying oil size for best results, except for lettering over which a protective coat is to be applied, in which case use a synthetic quick drying size.

23 Karat XX Gold Leaf in Rolls Recommended uses:

For all surface applications where the area is large and the surface is not too irregular. Since the speed and ease of roll application can result in great time savings, the feasibility of Gold Leaf in Rolls should be considered for all surface gilding jobs. Preparation and application: Same as for various types of leaf described under respective headings. Usually applied with a special gilding wheel or brush.

23 Karat XX Glass Gold Leaf 23 karat glass gold leaf, also called window gold, may also be used with great satisfaction on any surface. Specially selected leaf which is free from joints, patches or other minor blemishes which might show up in glass gilding but not in surface gilding. Rich, brilliant appearance. For package size and coverage, see "Specifications."

Recommended uses:

For all lettering and designs on glass. On many jobs. time can be saved by using gold leaf in rolls. Preparation and application: Heat fresh gelatin and water size for each job, consisting of about two 00 gelatin capsules per pint of water, and use hot. More or less gelatin may be used to suit personal taste but the weaker the size, the more brilliant the burnish. Burnish with cotton or velvet plush when gold is dry. Backing should be tough, elastic and have some gloss. Varnish over entire letter surface with edge extended beyond backing to seal against moisture.

23 Karat XX Patent Gold Leaf

23 Karat Patent Gold Leaf, sometimes known as transfer gold, or outdoor gold. Each leaf adhered to white tissue paper to make handling in wind or air currents easier. Can be ordered more tightly or loosely adhered to the tissues than the standard medium adhesion. For package size and coverage, see "Specifications."

Recommended uses:

Same uses as 23 Karat XX Gold Leaf except that it is easier to handle for outdoor work or in air currents. On many jobs, time can be saved by using gold leaf in rolls, and their use should be considered on all jobs requiring patent leaf. Preparation and application: Sizing and under-coating same as for 23 karat XX gold leaf 12 Karat

White Gold Leaf

White Gold Leaf is alloyed with silver to give it almost the whiteness of silver but retain the ease of application of Gold Leaf. Recommended uses: Desirable for lettering and designs on glass when a silver color is wanted.

Preparation and application

The same as preparation and application for 23 Karat Gold Leaf except that a protective coating should always be used to prevent discoloration due to the silver alloy.

Lemon Gold Leaf 18 karat.

This leaf, because it contains more alloy than XX Deep, is lighter and more greenish in color. This color is not permanent, as the silver with which this leaf is alloyed will eventually tarnish when exposed to the weather. This leaf is primarily a glass gold, and it is generally used with XX Deep for contrasting centers and backgrounds.

Pale Gold Leal 16.7 karat.

This gold is still lighter in color than Lemon gold, as it contains more alloy. Its use carries the same limitations as Lemon gold.

Silver Aluminum and Composition Leaf

Imported Silver Leaf

Imported Silver is 3% inches square. Allowing for normal laps and waste, it covers approximately 1.85 sq. ft. Per book (25 leaves) and 39 sq. ft. per pack (20 books). Recommended uses: Should only be used for burnish work on glass where it is hermetically sealed. It will tarnish upon exposure to air. When silver effect is required on surface work use Aluminum Leaf. Preparation and application &127;Imported Silver Leaf is laid exactly the same as gold leaf except that, as Silver Leaf is heavier, the size should be twice as strong and the back- up heavier.

Aluminum Leaf

Aluminum leaf if 572 inches square, and allowing for normal laps and waste will cover approximately 4.3 square feet per book (25 leaves): 86 square feet per pack (20 books). Recommended uses: For all interior and exterior decorating and truck lettering. Preparation and application: Use a slow oil size. Will oxidize unless protected with clear coating.

Composition Leaf

Imported Composition Leaf, sometimes called Imitation Gold or Dutch Metal. Standard leaf is 5 1/2 inches square. Covering capacity same as Aluminum Leaf.

Recommended uses:

For interior decoration. Under no circumstances should this leaf be used outdoors. Preparation and application: Use a slow oil size. Will tarnish most readily unless protected with clear coating.

Aluminum and Composition Leaf in Rolls

Same as Gold Leaf in rolls. Standard rolls are 6 inches wide, 152 feet long but can be cut into narrower widths on request. Recommended uses, preparation and application same as Aluminum and Composition Leaf.

WHEN & HOW TO USE GOLD LEAF IN ROLLS MORE and more gilders find that the use of genuine gold leaf and aluminum leaf in rolls offers important advantages where a large area is to be gilded and the surface is not too irregular. Surface Gilding

The speed and ease of roll application can effect substantial time savings on virtually all surface gilding jobs.

Outside Gilding

Gold leaf in rolls is an effective answer to the problems of re-gilding signs in place or of gilding in places where it may be windy. (Trying to gild with loose gold in outside locations is apt to be unsatisfactory and to cause an undue loss of gold leaf.)


If much striping is to be done, gold leaf in rolls up to 1" wide is most economical. It can be handled much the same as a snap line, and can be laid in lengths up to 18" at a time. (Some gilders use wider widths in shorter lengths.) This technique is also used when gilding glass. Application of gold leaf in rolls is fast and relatively easy.

Traditionally, a gilding shell is used, but some gilders achieve excellent results with a brush, or with a paint roller of the proper width in all other respects application is the same as that for the same leaf in sheet form. Gold leaf in rolls covers 5 1/2 square feet of surface per 1" of width. Genuine gold leaf in rolls is available in widths up to 4" imitation gold or aluminum in widths to 6"