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3459 Finland Road
Pennsburg, PA 18073

Award winning second-generation decorative painting specialty firm.
Providing value added decorative and restoration work since 1948.

European and American Renaissance Craftsmanship in
Marbling, Wood Graining, Gilding, Glazing, Trompe L'Oeil, Murals, Venetian Plaster, Ornamental Work, Unique Special Finishes and Restoration Services.

We have been a career training school since 1976. Classes taught by Ross O'Neal World Renown Master Instructor.  Located on 55 picturesque acres just 45 minutes from Philadelphia

Serving USA and abroad from design to execution.

In one week learn to enhance your professional painting skills. Boost your EARNING POTENTIAL and broaden your market place, while making your own sample boards of the hottest finishes on the market .


All of a sudden why is it the rage?  Whatever the term you want to use broken color techniques or faux finishing it isn't something new. Actually, it's been around for hundred's even thousand's of years. One thing for sure it is not a fad, that's here today and gone tomorrow, it is here to stay. We are returning to the arts, reentering a new period of renaissance. We are tired of plain walls. Pick up any magazine and you will find Decorative painting. Don't be left behind. Cash in now with the finest training available.

We offer training in wood graining, marbling, wall glazing, gilding, trompe l oeil, stain glass, chemical patination, mural painting join us now to improve your future. We are not a product based school. Our classes cover all types of media and are taught in the European tradition.

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