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Here are some of our favorite tools.

Mottler Set ChinEx Hair
Ideal for Our Traditional Glaze Application in graining and acrylic mottling, Highlighting colors,  use for watercolor  techniques
Mottler Set Camel Hair
Ideal for Gold Leaf Application and Faulting, Highlighting colors and use for watercolor techniques
Wavy Mottler
We use it for maples and burl. Bristles are deep set in an undulating metal ferrule.
2" Badger Blender
 Made of the finest badger hair. We find it invaluable in picking out veins in marble.
Grumbacher Classic 4" Badger Blender
Quality construction for professional results at a reasonable price.
Standard Mottler 3"
One of our favorites a wood grainer would not be without it. Quality hog hair professional grade.
Three-In-One Graining Comb
We use it for a serrated effect for Oak and other hardwoods.
Tri-Graining Comb
Creates three different grain widths. We use it for our oaks and other hardwoods.
12 pack of Steel Combs
Standard tool for the grainer. Twelve combs for creating various graining effects. Want to really learn how to use them check out our graining classes.
Splattering Brush
We use it as an accent tool to provide random color highlights in glazes and stone block work.
Blender Large Fan
We use this favorite of ours to add grains all woods and burl.