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Color washing Tip
 Artists & Gilders Decorative Studio Inc. teaches us how to take the mystery out of faux finishing. Color washed finishes are all the rage and actually, not that difficult to achieve. Color washing can Be done on walls for the best effects. Here Ross shares his technique for Color washed walls.

What you will need:
Latex paint we used a light yellow for the color wash
Latex semi-gloss we used white for the base coat
Roller tray
Some Soft Rags
Container of water
Rubber gloves if you feel they are necessary
Low tack tape
Roller and brushes for the base coating

How to do it:
Apply one or two coats of the white base coat and let dry.

Pour some of the yellow paint into a roller tray, and add about 10% water to make it runny.

Dip your rag into the paint, and rub it all over the wall, creating a weathered, cloudy effect.
You can soften hard circle edges by pouncing with a clean ball of rags.

Once you have completed one wall, skip to the alternate wall and do it, by now your first wall should be dry and you can then place masking tape along the corner before starting the connecting wall. This will give you clean corners.

You can add to this effect by superimposing 2 or 3 complimenting colors using the same technique. Be sure to wait for each coat to dry before adding the next coat.

Colors can be enchanted by adding a top coat of clear finish if you like, but it is suppose to look soft.